Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Enough Balls Among Them To Shoot Pool

I should have known Harry Reid couldn't keep it up.

Republicans have handed Democrats what could be a key to maintaining control of the Senate and House in the upcoming election: their steadfast support for keeping all of the Bush tax cuts in effect, including those for people making over $250,000. Imagine the sound bites to be obtained by forcing these guys to give floor speeches to support this porition just a few weeks before the election, especially since many of those same Republicans are willing to let the cuts expire for the poorest American if they can't get their way.

All it would have taken was for Reid and the Senate leadership to stand up and call their bluff. As the title of this post implies, that was its downfall; Reid has postponed debate and the vote until after the election, which shows he's as stupid as he is cowardly.

The upcoming voting includes three elections to fill Senate seats that are currently interim positions. By law, whoever wins these elections on November 2 must be seated immediately, which could well cost Democrats three seats they may desperately need for the lame duck session.

Now watch these chickenshit bastards whine about voter turnout if they lose in November.

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Charlieopera said...

SNL to the rescue ... the six weeks pre-election, assuming Obama doesn't steal the headlines with something dumber than he's already managed (like vacationing on the Vineyard a few weeks before the new poverty level lows were announced), the Republicans will give SNL plenty of fodder for the upcoming election. This seemingly crazy person who thinks mice have been cloned with fully developed human brains, etc. ... that should keep some people on their toes.

It's one of the reasons I do support term limits, however ... so the corruption we currently have on both sides of the aisle wouldn't get to build dynasties. Then again, unless we punished them accordingly (like tossing them off roofs at least 50 stories high or putting them away for life without parole in a state institution where they reside), they could just use the 1 or 2 terms they have to gather as many nuts as they can.