Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not Balls, Chutzpah

So the real problem here is that Democratic voters aren’t loyal enough? This from the guy who let the stimulus, health care, and financial regulation bills get watered down because he was too concerned about offending any Republicans to get out in front on anything until the last minute?

Where was this scolding tone when Harry Reid postponed the debate and vote on extending the Bush tax cuts until after the November election? Where has he been on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or any number of things that would have rallied his supporters and could probably have been done with a mere stroke of a pen?

He says he’s met about 70% of his campaign promises, as though all campaign promises are created equal. How many were watered down, just so he could check the box? Does the Executive Order to prohibit texting while driving count the same as not doing anything about climate change?

Democrats have been accused in the past of taking their core constituency for granted, taking the attitude, “Who else are you going to vote for?” Well, in my case, not this arrogant prick. He’s already talked me into voting for only local candidates in November, and I’ll sign on for any primary challenger in 2012.

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Charlieopera said...

Yes, there is nothing quite like being told what to do by a President/Party that has done nothing but fail since it came to full majority power (and losing that power is one sign it has failed) …

A vote for either of the two major parties is giving a reward(s) for getting fucked.

Maybe if liberal democrats formed a coalition and demanded attention (or they voted elsewhere or not at all), the party would be forced to react (see tea party lunatics influencing their party). So long as liberal democrats hold tight to their fears of Republican victories, they’ll have to reward a party that ignores them.

And seriously, after this guy’s absolute incompetence, what the hell has been the difference for the middle class, labor AND the poor?