Monday, January 18, 2010

Where’s the Line?

Last week I came across a dilemma I've had before and have yet to find a satisfactory resolution. I read a blog, the subject of which dovetailed with a blog post of my own from the day before. I commented on the other person's blog, had to cut myself short when the length of my comment threatened to become blog-length.

Part of me wanted to post the link to my blog, but that seems tacky, wandering into the unattractive swamp of Blatant Self-Promotion. Anyone interested can click the link associated with my name in the comment on the other person's site and get to mine. Of course, they don't know that I've posted a more detailed comment already, even if they care.

I see three choices:

  1. Continue as is.
  2. Include my link in appropriate replies.
  3. Indicate I have posted on the same topic at more length than the present comment.

I'd like to drive some traffic to the blog, but not at the expense of looking like I'm a parasite on better-known blogs.

Insights and advice are appreciated.

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