Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fair is Fair

I flew to Indianapolis recently. Had to go through a metal detector, take off my shoes, and re-prove my identity several times, a couple of them within twenty feet of each other. I was subject to being pulled out of line for a more extensive physical search at any time, and my checked baggage was inspected.

Meanwhile, these two publicity whores crashed a state dinner at the White House, and got close enough to the president to shake hands.

I want some Secret Service people fired. Now. I want their heads on pikes. As both readers of this blog are aware, a good friend of mine is being riffed by his employer on Christmas Day. This is someone who has never shirked a task, and done excellent work for as long as I've known him, which implies he was like that, before, too.

Can we shelve the "good people always get ahead in America" bullshit for a while, please?


Charlieopera said...

Careful ... you're asking for transparency ... yeah, some with the SS should be fired but apparently so should one of the President's friends ... and that's just not going to happen ... yet.

Dana King said...

Funny that we're all clamoring for the promised transparency when the biggest problem for most politicians is how easy they are to see through.