Saturday, September 03, 2011

Deferring to my Betters

I was going to write about Obama’s latest disappointment, but Paul Krugman has done it better that I could in his NYT Blog:

I’ve actually been avoiding thinking about the latest Obama cave-in, on ozone regulation; these repeated retreats are getting painful to watch. For what it’s worth, I think it’s bad politics. The Obama political people seem to think that their route to victory is to avoid doing anything that the GOP might attack — but the GOP will call Obama a socialist job-killer no matter what they do. Meanwhile, they just keep reinforcing the perception of mush from the wimp, of a president who doesn’t stand for anything.

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Charlieopera said...

Careful there, partner. You might expose yourself as one of Mr. Rove's disciples.

Never criticize a president beyond being "disappointed"; never expect a president to act like a president.

Our vast right wing conspiracy must be protected at all costs ...

Sent you some questions today for the interview; will send more domani.