Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Line of the Day

From Call Me Fishmeal, discussing current TSA policies:

If you hired a security guard to watch your house, and 10 years later your neighbors said, “Hey, several times now dudes have tried to steal your shit, but we came over and stopped them each time after your security guy let them through,” would you continue to employ him? Especially if every time you tried to enter your house, he grabbed your nuts and took naked pictures of your wife?

Parts of the post are a little unfair to TSA, but the general tone is apt, and that quote was dead on.

Thanks to the Search Engine Correspondent for pointing this out.


Corky said...

I like the new correspondent's name!

eliduke said...

You know how they used to give travel cards to people that went back and forth to Canada? That was to make the whole airport security process faster and easier for frequent travelers. Now travel is painful for everyone. That was a great conversation!