Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm in the tank already for Steven Pearlstein, but today he has outdone himself.

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Charlieopera said...

Hmm, there was an article a friend sent me last week from the Wall Street Journal that might explain why the leadership isn't there (or can't or might not be): it was from the 2-14-Wall Street Journal Forum by Eddie Sessions (couldn't find the link).

It's valid until 3/4's down the article when he goes into too close to wingnut mode for comfort, but everything he states up until then (about experience and writing a "memoir" at 34, etc. and all those "present" votes, etc.) makes sense.

Last night I watched Bill Maher on Larry King and wanted to phone in becaues he contradicted himself at every turn (he still "WANTS" Obama to make him (Bill Maher--for his vote) right. Okay, most people do, but ... if the writing isn't on the wall now (regarding how Obama has treated the left), I'm not sure what it'll take.

He (Obama) is making Jimmy Carter look like a world beater.