Thursday, July 09, 2009

Where the Problem Lays

I haven't pounded on Harry Reid lately, so here's a brief snippet of today's Public Affairs chat in the Washington Post.

Seattle: Ezra, What tools does Reid have at his disposal to really force the "centrist" Democrats in line?

Ezra Klein: If the Senate leadership doesn't like you and the president doesn’t like you your ability to achieve legislative priorities effectively ends. But none of the centrist believe that will actually happen to them. (Emphasis added.)

There you have it. The "moderate" Democrats who helped to weaken the stimulus will get to work their magic on health care because Harry Reid still hasn't grown a pair. Say what you want about Bill Frist and Mitch McConnell, they kept their boys in lne.

Just to be equal opportunity about it, Obama appears to me more interested in being post-partisan than in being effective. Things will be better than if the Republicans had remained in charge--being hit with an asteroid would be better than that, at least it would be quick--but it still ain't going to be pretty.

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