Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tim McCarver is the AntiChrist

Call of the Green Monster is the best baseball fan blog going. For proof, here are his comments about Fox television's Tim McCarver.

This is dead on; I can only add one thing. During Game 2, the ever-obvious Mr. McCarver noted, "once you drop the bat, baserunning is the most important element for scoring runs." Really?! Why didn't I think of that? I mean, I've only watched several thousand baseball games in my life; why didn't such a precise observation ever spring to my lips when enlightening The Sole Heir about the finer points of our National Pastime?

Maybe it's because, once you drop the bat, baserunning is the only element for scoring runs, dumb ass. Offense in baseball consists of two elements:
1. Hit the ball.
2. Run the bases.

Disgusting and incurable diseases abound. There are drug-resistant viruses and flesh eating bacteria. Do you expect me to believe there isn't permanently disabling, incurable disease that only attacks vocal chords? A just and merciful God would have given it to McCarver years ago, if He really answered prayers.

Unless McCarver works for a different employer. Let's think about this. He works for Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. We might be onto something here.


Debbie said...

So harsh to poor Tim. He's just trying to do his job to liven up a tedious sport with a dwindling fan base:) And you know what, the names of the players have gotten harder to pronounce over the years, I don't blame him for having a hard time. He's like the Regis Philbin of baseball.

Peter said...

I have never listened to an announcing team with less rapport than Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. If they didn't have handouts of statistics that they could quote to one another, they would stay silent all game.
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