Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life Imitates Art

Congress has approved the construction of a 700 mile long fence to keep people from sneaking across our 2300 mile border with Mexico, apparently on the premise that no one will go over, under, or around the fence. One suspects that which 700 miles to be protected will be determined less by the frequency of crossings, and more by which patriotic representatives with districts on the border voted for the bill.

Does this remind anyone of the movie Blazing Saddles? Remember the scene where Slim Pickens and his posse are riding toward Rock Ridge, and Cleavon Little needs more time to set up his trap? Little sends Gene Wilder and Alex Karras out to set up a toll booth. Pickens stops everyone, right in the middle of about fifteen gazillion square miles of open prairie, and sends one guy back to town for a “shitload of dimes.” Everyone then goes through, one at a time, thus buying the sheriff enough time to save the town.

I’ll bet they won’t even give Mel brooks credit for the idea. They should at least name it the William J. LePetomiane Memorial Boondoggle, or something like that.


CB said...

We're not supposed to be having this much fun, dude!

nortonsson said...

With such a close appearance to the Maginot Line you could have really let them have it, or was that too easy?

Scarlett's Letters said...

I love historical events – we rarely pay attention to them anymore – of course, the 9th Circuit and Supreme Court have a lot to say about that. As for Blazing Saddles – well – the farting left me – thankfully - cold.

As far as a 700 mile fence – gotta say it has to start somewhere – doesn't matter the nationality – matters the degree of illegal-ness. (I love making up new words……) Symbolic – that's okay - some measure is needed - there are no absolutes. Color me an isolationist.