Thursday, September 01, 2005

Opportunity is Where You Find It

The people of New Orleans can rest easy, their nightmare is over. George Bush flew over yesterday.

He didn’t land, but the pilot got as low as 1700 feet and flew around for half an hour so Shrub could look out the window like a kid discovering an ant farm. No time to stop, he’d only been on vacation for a month, his busy schedule of dissing Gold Star mothers didn’t leave any time for pressing the flesh, maybe ask how some of these people were doing. No point. He’s not running for anything, he has a mandate.

This is our president, the man who personifies compassionate conservatism. Like so many under that umbrella, the only thing he’s conservative with is his compassion. Certainly not with money; no one ever spent it like he has.

Now it’s time to see if we got what we paid for. Shrub has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to “protect” us from the ravages of terrorism. How can we best evacuate entire cities in the event of a nucular attack? Protect the water supply from contaminants? Maintain order in the face of crisis?

Here’s his big chance. Throwing out the first pitch at a World Series game, then turning out the lights in two countries half a world away is easy. All this time he’s been worrying about towel-headed fanatics living in caves, and who puts the big hit on him? The same God whose Agent on Earth Shrub considers himself to be.

This is his chance to be a hero. With the Iraq situation going to hell in a handbasket, his primary historical legacies will be having the world’s worst terrorist attack take place in his country, on his watch, and leaving the Middle East a bigger mess than he found it, no mean feat.

He said he was devastated, looking out the window as he flew over. “Those people down there must be doubly devastated.” Devastated twice as much as him? People who have lost everything, and have no idea when they can go back to clean up so they can start over? Twice as much as he’s devastated after his month-long vacation at his private ranch, off to spend the weekend at Camp David, unless he rolls up his sleeves and stays in the sweatshop called the White House?

It’s one thing not to be a good president; this clueless bastard isn’t even a good person. Shame on us, shame on us all for letting him happen.


Graceland/Yard Boy Correspondent said...

Amen, brother!!! I was appalled at FEMA Director Michael Brown's news conference a couple of days ago, where he looked into the camera and scolded looters, obviously more concerned with keeping law and order than with saving lives. I can't believe that everyone from newsmen to Harry Connick Jr. can get to the Convention Center, but our government can't get food and water to these people. I'm embarrassed for our country.

Raven the Elder said...

I have been scouring all sorts of resources about the criminal negligence of our President and his staff on the handling of the Katrina disaster. This is a quote from the BBC website, apparently there are more concerned citizens in higher places that are concerned too!

Mr Clinton and his wife, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, have raised the idea of a 9/11 style Congressional inquiry into Hurricane Katrina and the federal government's response.

"The idea appeared more a passing thought than a formal request but will increase political pressure on the Bush administration, the BBC's Michael Buchanan notes.

Meeting Katrina victims in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, President Bush thanked families who had taken in the homeless and praised the work of churches, synagogues and mosques.

His suggestion over the weekend that local officials had made mistakes led one Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu, to threaten to punch him if he said it again."

From the BBC News World Edition
Monday, 5 September 2005, 22:16 GMT 23:16 UK