Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Press Release

The Home Office is pleased to announce that New Mystery Reader has published two items from the addled keyboard of yours truly in May’s edition. A short story, “Food Noir,” can be found on the home page (www.newmysteryreader.com).

In addition, my review of Elmore Leonard’s upcoming novel The Hot Kid can be read by clicking on the link to “New Hardcover” reviews and scrolling down a ways.

Thanks to Stephanie Padilla and everyone at New Mystery Reader for their support; no less appreciation is due to all of you, who have read and encouraged my efforts for longer than anyone should have to put up with me.

I hope you enjoy not just my efforts, but all of New Mystery Reader. It’s a site worth checking out. (Yes, I’d say that even if Ms. Padilla didn’t publish me. I might say it a little louder now. Okay, I’m a self-promoter; so sue me.)

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