Friday, March 04, 2005

A Blast From the Past

President Bush made his first reference to catching Osama bin Laden in a coon’s age yesterday. I guess the fight to change Social Security isn’t going so well and he’s resurrecting the old warhorse of crises to rally the troops.

Bush’s “Government by Crisis” model is getting stale. Laura was a librarian. Maybe she should resurrect Story Time and read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” to him. It has small words. He should be able to follow along.

This gratuitous swipe was hastened by pending legislation that may limit the capability of bloggers to express political opinions. I doubt it would ever apply to informal journals such as this, but I couldn’t believe they’d allow the FBI to monitor my library books, either.


Anonymous said...

In a stunning turnaround of public opinion, support for Osama Bin Laden and terrorism in the world’s most populous Muslim nation has dropped significantly, while favorable views of the United States have increased. The poll demonstrates that the reason for this positive change is the American response to the tsunami.

Key Findings of the Poll:

* For the first time ever in a major Muslim nation, more people favor US-led efforts to fight terrorism than oppose them (40% to 36%). Importantly, those who oppose US efforts against terrorism have declined by half, from 72% in 2003 to just 36% today.

* For the first time ever in a Muslim nation since 9/11, support for Osama Bin Laden has dropped significantly (58% favorable to just 23%).

* 65% of Indonesians now are more favorable to the United States because of the American response to the tsunami, with the highest percentage among people under 30.

* Indeed, 71% of the people who express confidence in Bin Laden are now more favorable to the United States because of American aid to tsunami victims.

The Home Office said...

Wow, more highly thought of than Osama bin Laden. High praise, indeed, kind of like being less anti-Semitic than Hitler, or better-looking than Jean Kirkpatrick. This is the level Bush supporters are sinking for positive accomplishments these days.

In a related note, studies show that 42.8% of all statistics are fabricated.

Anonymous said...

In an editorial last week, The New York Times, a very liberal voice, gave President Bush credit for democracy sweeping through the Middle East or, as the Times put it, "a year of heartening surprises."

The Home Office said...

The New York Times makes up more stuff than I do.

Anonymous said...

So you are making up liar.